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Jul 21 2017

4 Ways to Make a Three Way Phone Call #way #conference #call


How to Make a Three Way Phone Call

Back in the old days, they had “party lines,” when several houses were connected to the same phone line. Those days are mostly gone, but having a couple other people on the line is still a party! Nearly all phones are capable of making three-way calls, and most plans provide for three-way calling. If you want to connect to two of your friends at the same time, but don’t know how, read on!

Steps Edit

Method One of Four:
Using a Home Telephone Edit

Call the first person. Dial their number as you would normally do, and let them know you’re going to add the third person.

Activate three-way calling. Quickly press and release the hang-up (or flash) button. Don’t linger, or you’ll hang up on the first person!

Dial second person. Wait till you hear the dial tone, then call the second person. When they answer, let them know you’re setting up a three way.

Press and release the hang-up (or flash) button. Now all three of you are connected.

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