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Mar 14 2019

Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance – Australian Government Department of Human Services, private health insurance in australia.

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Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance in australia

A refund for part of your private health insurance costs based on age and annual earnings.

Eligibility basics

  • have private health insurance for hospital or general extras or both with an approved insurer
  • eligible for Medicare



If you or your family pay private health insurance premiums, you may be eligible for an Australian government rebate.

Rebate income tiers

Rebate tiers are income tested. The rebate you can get depends on your income.

Eligible private health fund members

Not all private health funds and private health insurance policies are eligible for Australian government rebates.


If you pay your premiums fortnightly, monthly, in yearly instalments or in advance, there are 2 ways to claim the Australian Government rebate on Private Health Insurance from your fund or from the Australian Taxation Office.

From your fund

You will need to register with your fund for the rebate as a premium reduction to reduce your upfront costs. To claim the rebate as a premium reduction, register with your health fund and they will provide you with a form to complete or tell you what you need to do.

From the Australian Taxation Office

The rebate may be claimed back on your annual income tax return, if you have not claimed it as a premium reduction. Your health fund will give you a statement at the end of the financial year to help you fill in your tax return.


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Private health insurance in australia

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