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Jan 30 2018

Detox & Weight Loss Retreat

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Raw Indigestion

Are you Gassy and Bloating from Healthy and Raw foods?

Indigestion on raw foods is not fun. Nobody wants it. Why do some people get gassy and bloated from raw foods? And others thrive!

It can be a sign of an intolerance to a particular food – common allergens include eggs, dairy, sugar, nuts and gluten. In this case the simple common-sense solution is cut out this food from your diet.

I’m eating the same foods that I have eaten before – but now I have gas?

Gassiness can happen, paradoxically, after a positive change of diet when the intestinal tract still has a lot of old ‘gas forming’ left overs to release. The positive change in diet can be stimulating the release of these gas forming materials, which will stop once the intestines are clear.

Also, it can be a sign of too much fibre. Intestines that are not used to fibre may not be strong enough right now to cope with too much fibre from fruits and vegetables .

Fibre provides the intestines with a bulking agent to support the movement and absorption of nutrients, as well as the transport and elimination of wastes and toxins out the the intestines. Fibre ferments in the large intestine, the colon, supporting growth of good bacteria and healthy movements by giving bulk to the stools.

The intestinal muscles work with the fibre, which offers a strength-building resistance, like weights at the gym. all along the intestinal tract. Imagine that your intestinal muscles are going to the gym for a new work out, with the new fibre full foods. They are lifting heavier weights than before if you have upped your fibre intake. It’s a good thing to build up the muscle strength. And for some it could be too much too quickly, in that case slow down, not too much weight all at once. That could result in ‘no lift’ at all!

Remember, each person’s digestive system is unique it’s it’s digestive power, both muscular and enzymatic, and in the strength of the digestion assisting organs, such as pancreas, liver and gallbladder.

So how do we Here are some simple solutions:

1. Juicing or Blend your fruit and veg. can help you digest and receive these important phyto-micronutrients, and prevent gas from forming.

2. Take a digestive enzyme with food to help prevent gas from forming. Remember to eat your Probiotics (fermented foods, like sourcrout, pickles and kimchee are high in probiotics).

3. ‘Fine tune’ the amount of fibre (i.e. the amount of fresh veg and fruit) till a point where gas and bloating stops. This often means limiting/lowering the amount of fresh fruit and veg.

4. Once you’ve stopped the bloating, wait on that level for a week or so and then try to gradually daily slowly increase the amount of fresh fruit and veg – using juicing or blending methods to support their digestion.

5. Incorperate more steamed vegetables in your diet.

6. Add ‘gas relieving’ postures to your yoga practice (such as assisted shoulder stand, and any posture where hips are above the head).

7. listen to and follow your body, not your mind! It speaks in sensations and feelings of wellbeing (or not) to let you know how it’s going now.

Healthy tips from Karuna Detox to you with Love.

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