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Feb 4 2018

Services We strive to provide complete care for our patients. Learn more about all the services we provide. Make An Appointment We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Schedule an appointment today! Online Forms Our patient forms are available online so they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office.

Welcome to Animal Health Veterinary Group, Your Animal Hospital in Staten Island

Animal Health Veterinary Group is a part of the Winnipeg Veterinary Care Group, meaning our veterinarians and staff have the resources of five veterinary hospital locations supporting us and the care we provide to our patients. Our four experienced veterinarians, Dr. Michael Arpino, Dr. Lisa Sether, Dr. Sofia Miele, and Dr. Anthony Miele work out of our two Staten Island locations (Hylan Boulevard and Castleton Avenue) to provide our patients and their families a welcoming environment, friendly service, and high quality care at the cutting edge of veterinary medicine. Our Animal Hospital in Staten Island provides a comprehensive list of veterinary services to cats and dogs of all ages.

Preventative Medicine, Wellness, and Emergency Care at Animal Health Veterinary Group

At our two clinics in Staten Island, we recognize that pets of different ages require different care. We tailor our services to treat puppies, kittens, and both adult and senior cats and dogs with the preventative, wellness, and emergency care appropriate for their age. Our animal hospitals are fully equipped with the latest equipment in veterinary medicine to ensure your pets have every resource at their disposal. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

  • Wellness Exams – Usually recommended annually, wellness exams give us an opportunity to physically examine your pet for signs of illness or injury, maintain current vaccinations, and prescribe any necessary routine or health changes as your furry friend grows.
  • Vaccinations – We provide a complete list of core and non-core vaccinations for both puppies and kittens. We continue to maintain your pet on a schedule of booster vaccinations and any addition non-core vaccinations which might be needed later in life.
  • Dental Care – Safeguarding your pet s teeth and gums will also protect his health. At every wellness exam, we inspect your pet s teeth. If cleaning or extractions are needed, we will discuss the proper procedures with you and ensure they are performed safely and gently on your pet.
  • Parasite Control and Prevention – We provide treatment for parasite-infested pets and seasonal parasite prevention. Several options of preventative medications are available, and our veterinarians will discuss the best option for you and your pet.
  • Onsite Laboratory – A complete on-site laboratory allows us to get a blood panel and urinalysis results back quickly, ensuring prompt diagnosis and treatment.
  • Surgery – In addition to general surgeries, we also perform spay and neuter surgeries in house.
  • Emergency Care – Our staff and office is equipped and ready to admit emergency patients.
  • Stem Cell Therapy – We offer the latest treatments, and stem cell therapy can reduce pain in aging, arthritic pets.

Our Staten Island Veterinarian, Also Serves Bayonne, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

We welcome you to stop by one of our two locations serving Staten Island, Bayonne, and the surrounding areas to meet our Staten Island veterinarian and find out more about the veterinary care and services we offer. Schedule an appointment at (718) 980-6491 or (718) 448-3680 today.

I have been taking my dog here for two years now and I love this office! The staff are very friendly and welcoming. We have seen both doctor s for numerous reasons from annual visits to staples and rashes, and I have to say I am impressed with them both. I never feel like they are rushing me out the door and they are very thorough with their explanations and instructions for care. They do a clinic for shots which is also awesome for the wallet and I believe they also give you a first time discount as a new patient! Great place, caring people!

Jessica A. / Staten Island, NY

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