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Aug 3 2017

Small Load Movers and Mini Movers Moving Company – Xpress Movers #best #price #movers #chicago


Xpress Movers Your reliable small load movers

Full-service moves are the most common type of residential moving where the hired moving company takes care of all or almost all aspects of move itself. There are many movers out there that charge a minimum weight of the household goods to be packed up and transported to their destination which in specific cases may not be the best solution for you. As a rule of thumb, that minimum weight is fixed at 2000 lbs.

Mini movers and small load movers at their best

Should you choose Xpress Movers as your relocation ally, you don t really have to worry about how big or how small your move is simply because small moving services are part of our range of top quality services. As a result, you won t lose any money if the overall weight of your items is less than 2000 lbs.

We will handle your small scale move with the same level of professionalism and care as if it were a full size move. It s what we do we are licensed and insured partial load movers that will take care of the content of one or two rooms only (instead of the entire home) or will relocate for you specific sets of furniture, your piano, your heavy safe, your pool table, and so much more.

Are you facing a mini move and you re afraid that a moving company will definitely overcharge you for the small moving job? With Xpress Movers, you only pay for the actual services performed without any unfair minimum or additional charges .

Keep your small moving costs really small

Mini moves are estimated to be up to 1,000 pounds in weight so the major advantage of having a small load that needs to be moved locally or cross country is the reduced relocation cost. Therefore, what you really need is a fully licensed mini move company that will provide a stress-free moving experience, and of course one that provides small moving options at affordable price.

Despite the small scale of your household move, you still are advised to have your small moving cost estimated prior to moving day so that you will know exactly what you ll be asked to pay. No more last minute surprises! With a written binding estimate in your hands, you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of your pre-move preparations. Expect the final cost to be a combination of the shipment weight, the move distance, the number of workers busy with the partial move, and the number and nature of the services required to complete the small moving job.

As one of the best moving companies that take small loads, Xpress Movers is the preferred small load moving company on the market. Trust us with your mini move today by letting us calculate your moving costs .

What to do before your small load movers arrive

In fact, there are a number of important things you can do to make your move easier and cheaper before the arrival of the small shipment movers.

  • Inventory the items you are taking with you and go through that list again asking yourself if you really need to relocate all of them. If possible, reduce the number of your belongings to reduce the final cost as well.
  • Hunt down free moving boxes in decent condition either from friends who have moved house recently or from local businesses /supermarkets, bookstores, etc./ that are required to recycle most of the boxes anyway.
  • Use free alternative packing materials that you can find in your home newsprint instead of packing paper for padding, towels, socks and other pieces of clothing instead of bubble wrap, and suitcases instead of cardboard boxes for your heavy items such as books.
  • Pack the smaller and easier stuff by yourself as far as you feel confident about doing a good packing job. Then, leave the toughest packing tasks to the pros.

Follow this link to read more detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of moving small loads across country.

Contact us today

Xpress Movers is rated as one of the best small and mini moving companies in the USA and Canada. We are also one of the preferred east coast movers and west coast movers . Give us a call today for price estimation or any questions you may have regarding your small shipment move.

– Fill the Free Online Moving Quote Form and receive a free estimate from a professional small load moving company you can trust. Get your partial load moved safely.

– Call Now at 1-800-778-4177 to speak with a company representative directly about cost estimation and other move related issues.

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