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Mar 9 2018

The best GTA 5 mods



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The Best GTA 5 Mods. for GTA 4

Turning GTA 4 into 5

It’s no secret that GTA 5’s release onto PC has been delayed, and it’s even less of a secret how impatient PC gamers are to finally get their keyboards on it. Now pushed back to March. we’ve still got a couple months to wait before we can drive around Los Santos in shiny sportscars, swap between the game’s three protagonists, and snap a thousand selfies of our characters in action.

Or do we have to wait? Thanks to modders, PC gamers can get a healthy taste of GTA 5 right now. Inside, you’ll find a collection of mods that will at least partially transform GTA 4 into GTA 5 while we wait, once again, for the real thing.

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Trevor, Franklin, and Michael

Turning IV into V can’t be done without the III: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the three protagonists of GTA 5. Luckily, there are plenty of models and skins floating around that will let you romp through GTA 4 in the boots of the bank-robbing trio.

We’ve got nothing against Niko Bellic, you understand, but we’ve been staring at his back since 2008, and we’re ready for a change. Below are models for the new faces of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and some outfits to dress them up in. Take your pick.

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Los Santos Map

Much as we love Liberty City, we want to get our wheels on some new pavement, and it won’t feel like GTA 5 without a healthy dose of Los Santos. Turning GTA 4’s familiar streets into GTA 5’s approximation of Los Angeles is a little complicated, but well worth the time if you just can’t wait for the real deal.

Just take a look at Iron Man flying around in it. While labeled as an alpha, the map looks pretty darn convincing to us.

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The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always tried to hold up a mirror to society, and while they haven’t always been successful, the introduction of selfies in GTA 5 is a definite broadside hit. Let’s face it: there’s nothing we like more than looking at ourselves.

This selfie mod for GTA 4 lets you hold up your own mirror and snap a pic, suitable for sharing on the social media app of your choice.

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The Fighter Jet

Grand Theft Auto teaches us how easy it is to steal cars, trucks, and motorcycles off the street. In GTA 5, stealing a fighter jet from a heavily guarded military installation is actually just as easy, because soldiers are about as effective at stopping crime as ordinary citizens.

While you wait for GTA 5, you can at least take to the skies in the P-996 Lazer jet, and make use of its miniguns and missiles on an unsuspecting populace. Just make sure you pack a parachute.

GTA V Fighter Jet by JulioNIB and SkylineGTRFreak

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GTA 5’s cars

You’re gonna need to get around in style, so why not add over a hundred of GTA 5’s cars to help you speed through the streets of GTA 4? And not just cars but trucks, bicycles, and tanks.

This modpack contains cars made by a number of different modders and range from the slickest sportscars to the sturdiest SUVs, so I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

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Character Switcher

The centerpiece of GTA 5 is the trio of characters you play and your ability to effortlessly switch between them. Leaping from one character to another yanks you high into the sky like an angel before depositing you in the body of your chosen devil, who is often in the midst of some enjoyable hijinks like running from the police or sleeping off a bender half-naked in a dumpster.

This script lets you call up a radial wheel and swap between Niko, Luis, and Johnny. Why destroy Liberty City as only one person when you can do three times the damage?

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Lester and Merryweather Services

Life in the big city can be tough without a little backup. Inspired by GTA 5 Online, this mod provides some important services provided by Lester and the Merryweather Security company.

It includes a chauffered helicopter or boat to transport you to your selected destination, ammo and weapon drops, and the occasional helpful missile strike from passing jets. Lester, meanwhile, can bribe the cops to drop your wanted level and help you locate your vehicles.

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